Empower Teams,
Simplify Care

Equipo’s vision is to simplify care by empowering care teams with a care coordination platform that is built on the central tenets of risk stratification, needs assessment, care plan design, patient engagement and outcomes measurement.

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Our Value : Integrated Care Delivery

Solutions For

Patient Care
Value Pyramid
for PCMH

Population Health Management

  • 4-step population management process with easy to understand insights
  • Empowers care teams for targeted care delivery and maximum outcomes
  • Actionable reporting on multiple risks

Shared Decision Making

  • A platform for care team to coordinate beyond EHR/EMR for value-based delivery model
  • Enables community based care management by facilitating shared access of patient movement
  • Manage patients in continuous care model

Performance Measure

  • Out of the box reporting on risk metrics and HEDIS quality measures
  • Allows real-time performance monitoring with the help of integrated measures and care gap analysis
  • Track each measure with custom alerts.

Patient Satisfaction

  • Real-time patient engagement, making patient satisfaction a continuous effort.
  • Apply learning algorithms to create automated actionable care plans
  • Constantly monitor patient’s well being using insights from wearable data and clinical data

Continuous Care
for ACOs

Risk Stratification

  • Categorize Population risk and monitor individual trends
  • Analyze gaps in care, spot trends and create actionable interventions
  • Create 360 program view

Task Management

  • EZ taskboards for care teams to manage daily tasks
  • Perform outreach with automated IVR
  • Document non core activities and schedule follow ups

Compliance Monitoring

  • Identify intervention opportunities using care gap analysis
  • Goal setting on care plans and timeline view of activities
  • Capture clinical data from EMR/EHR

Risk Based
Care Management
for MCOs

Health Risk Assessments

  • Create “custom” assessments or use “standard” forms
  • Get calculated scores based on entered data
  • Create customized care plan based on score

Smart Interventions

  • Care plan based on Clinical and Behavioral conditions (movement, order history)
  • Utilize longitudinal view of continuous care for goal setting
  • Leverage machine learning algorithms for effective outreach

Management Reporting

  • Manage resources and Plan workloads for the care team
  • Graphical representation of progress
  • Analyze productivity and turnaround times

Closing the loop
for Specialty Care


  • Telehealth for connecting to patients anytime, anywhere
  • Supported on Mobile platforms as well as browsers
  • Take consultation notes and capture charges

Connect Providers and Patient

  • Digitize orders and track referrals
  • Share patient profile and send communication
  • Supports document transfers and real-time conversations

Virtual Clinic

  • Create remote clinic and coordinate care at patient’s home or in a health home setting
  • Allow patients to see providers, specialists and care team from their location
  • Integrated pharmacy and order fulfillment allows patient to access all services

Our Value : Integrated Care Delivery

Integrated Platform - Meaningful Care

Care Management Challenges



Promotes daily goal driven care management by tracking quality matrices, productivity and patient utilization both at patient and care coordinator level

An integrated and data driven care system. Integrated with Individual and Population Risk, Clinical and Behavioral Conditions (Movement, Order History) and Machine Learning on patient set

Care managers have access to the patient and PCP at the same time. Automatic monitoring of patient visit combined with telehealth allows care team to connect to the patient while visiting the PCP

Secured messaging provides sharing of content and links, allowing providers to have meaningful conversations through sharing of reference material and care related instructions

Convert care delivery tasks to teamwork success stories. Reduce paperwork. exchange orders, results, notes and documents with any provider

Track and grow referrals. Maintain patient history, follow ups and provide continuous care

Enables meaningful care delivery by providing insight into population health risk, care compliance and treatment plan. Drillable and actionable scorecards on PQRS, MIPS, CPC+, MU, HEDIS, PCMH

360° patient health view – Clinical Notes/ CCDA, Labs, Rx, Claims & Enrollment, Risk Stratification & Prioritized Outreach Care Plan

Success Stories

  • Equipo has connected the dots from referrals to outcomes and by doing so has helped us to stay engaged with patients in improving their health.
    HDR Primary Care, NY
  • We have been able to setup a remote clinic using Equipo's Solutions. Patients in transition can feel very connected to their providers. They have access to PCPs, psychiatrists, health coaches and nutritionist all from a single platform.
    Stepping Stone, NY
  • Equipo's Care Coordination Platform has been able to seamlessly overlay health home workflows and engage patients in improving their health. Our care managers appreciate the time saved from fewer calls and no-show visits
    CCN Primary Care, NY

Team Up to “Close the Loop”